WELL, HELLO photographer!

A 90-Day Success Journal for Photography Entrepreneurs.

The only success and productivity journal designed

for photographers by photographers.



Track your time

Grow your business

Spark creativity

hey, we're KATE & JO

Professional photographers and friends who bonded over the struggles of building a photography business. We created The PHOX Planner to build our businesses to be the best they could be.

The 90-day planner brings structure to your business with weekly planning & review sections, a daily schedule and task lists, so you can stay focused without losing your creativity.


We guide you through how to create a system of habits that work. Simply put, this planner will help you plan your time and stay organised for success.

"The Phox Planner is the ideal tool to help you say goodbye to procrastination and disorganisation! A superb and inspiring book!" - The Guild of Photographers

the only 90-day Diary & productivity planner designed for photographers in business.



How This Planner Will Help . . .

Gain focus & inspiration

Keep on track

Manage your time

Balance daily tasks

Feel organised & in control

Be more efficient and productive

Encourage a positive mindset

“I wish I’d had one of these when I started my business! It has so many tips at the beginning, and then week by week you write out your goals, affirmations, what shoots you’ve got, what you want to get from them, it’s brilliant! It’s like one of those positivity planners but it’s specifically aimed at photographers - how amazing is that!

The design is gorgeous, we absolutely love it!”


Vicki Knights & Eddie Judd – Shoot, Edit, Chat, Repeat.


The PHOX system has been created for photography entrepreneurs who want to get organised, focused and motivated. But more importantly, get on top of their business planning - and stay on top!

This beautifully designed planner enables you to build the business of your dreams. By checking in daily and weekly, you will be able to move forward with motivation, purpose, confidence and consistency.


Once you start using it, you won’t want to be without it

- we hope you love it as much as we do!

"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines,

practised every day". Jim Rohn

What is in the Planner?

90 Day planner (undated)

Business plan overview

12 week overview

Plan Your Week Ahead

Weekly Diary To View

Weekly Review

Notes Pages for each week

How does it work?

With pages of helpful advice on how to be productive and the steps required to build momentum, our proven system helps you leverage your time wisely and at the same time scale your business.


Develop a consistent workflow routine to fill your diary with targeted prospects and confidently build a business on your own terms.

The planner will start setting you up for success by giving you total clarity about where you are going and how you are going to get there.


The Phox Planner is designed for photographers in business and has been crafted from our personal experiences of years in the industry. It offers a proven system that builds on habits for success.


Week to view diary pages with timed blocks to carefully manage your time throughout the week. Have an overview of your shoots, editing as well as all the other essentials to keep your business turning throughout the week.


Map out and schedule your Gameplan so that you have a crystal clear picture of what you’re working towards each week and throughout the next 90 days.


Get on the fast track to meeting your business goals and sticking to your game plan. The step by step weekly action plan will keep you on track without feeling overwhelmed.


Is the planner right for me?

This beautifully designed planner will guide you towards organising your photography business. This book will give you back control, helping you stay focused, inspired and ready to succeed.

Do you want to feel more in control?

Plan your weekly actions with momentum-building action steps to build a profitable photography business. (Side step the struggle many photographers experience because they don’t stop to proactively plan ahead.)

Do you want to forecast more effectively?

With the PHOX planner you can ensure on-going success. The planner builds a link between your activities and your achievement and gives you clarity on how your business is doing. (It's simpler than you think when you move away from living day-by-day to having a 90-day plan.)

Want to bring structure to your business without losing creativity?

The PHOX planner takes you from amateur to successful entrepreneur, running an organised enterprise. (No more running your business like a 'hobby'.)


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