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Defining Your Ideal Client

People love to work with a specialist, not a generalist who does a bit of everything. Your clients can then see you as an expert in your field (for example weddings, newborns, business headshots) and trust they are getting the best photographer for their needs, which in turn means you can charge a premium fee for your services. It’s also a great way of getting referrals as your clients can recommend you as the ‘go-to photographer for x’ because they know exactly what it is you do! If you are struggling to get clients booked, it may be because you aren’t clear on your niche or specialism, which also means you are not focused on attracting a specific ideal client.

Start your dream photography business!

Our tip for success when starting your dream photography business is striking a balance between being creative and passionate about your photography, whilst being ambitious and business-minded at the same time. We’ve got your back here at Phox Club.

Kickstart your Photography Business – Choosing your Niche!

One of the most powerful steps you can take right now to kickstart your photography business journey is to get clear on your niche. This one step will lead on to how you create your business. At this point you might have a few areas you may want to consider, and you may feel confused about which direction is right for you. No matter where you are right now, the following questions we are going to work through will help you choose your perfect niche. The niche will determine your ideal potential customer, and your niche needs to be where you will be genuinely excited to work.

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