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Christmas Gift Guide for Photographers

Being a Photographer is a dream job for many, imagine being able to do every day what many people class as a hobby.  We thought we would put together a list of Christmas gifts especially for photographers – check out a few items you might want to add to your Christmas List for Santa…. Whoever your Santa may be!

  1. Lincoln Camera Bag from FIG

Both of us love our Lincoln camera bags from FIG. Perfect for when you want to travel light with one body and one additional lens.

2. ThinkTank International Rolling Case

But when you need to carry a lot more kit, Think Tank rolling cases are the gold standard for transporting your photography kit. We wouldn’t be without one.

3. A beautiful Photography book from Taschen

One on our list this year will be I Love You – Mario Testino‘s photographic homage to weddings and everything they stand for. A love declaration and a glimpse into the heart of brides getting ready, special rites among friends, the zest of extraordinary parties – every image showing the unique fantasies of a life to start anew.

4. Leather camera strap from Hawkesmill

Hawkesmill in the UK make neck and wrist camera straps for Leica, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus and more. They are strong, durable and made of soft leather so they feel good as well as look good.

5. The Phox Planner!

And finally of course we recommend the Phox Planner! For self employed creatives, there are many roles to juggle besides taking photos. Creating ongoing success requires consistent planning… but it doesn’t have to be boring! That’s why we created the Phox Planner for photographers. Our stylish planner breaks down the key components of a photographers working life into a simple daily, weekly and quarterly format. It is undated so the lucky recipient can date it themselves and start using it at any time.

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