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Future-proof your business

Is your vision to build a photography business you love?  This week we are taking a quick dive into the fundamental disciplines that you need to create a photography business that is solid, profitable, future-proof and therefore enjoyable to call your own.

Tip #1 Have a Productivity Plan

Start by asking yourself do I have a plan so I start each day knowing what I’m working on, or am I reacting to urgent tasks and bumbling through?

If you are bumbling through, maybe now is the time to take stock and put in place a few simple disciplines to give your business solidsolida foundations and ensure it will survive into the future.

Firstly start with the Big Picture.   Yes, we know,  we have talked about this before but that is because it is SO IMPORTANT.  Spend just 20 -30 minutes writing down your life plan for the next 3 years.  If you can go beyond and consider the next  5 or 10 then great, but definitely start with 3!

Then you need to look at how you actually implement your ideas on a daily basis.  Do you have a game plan for each quarter, each week and each day? 

If you struggle to know what to work on first let alone tick off every task on your to-do list, then we can promise you that a) you’re not alone and b) you’re in the right place.  You’re going to have a head start –  because you are here.  We have created a system that works which we want to share with you!

We have created the Phox Planner to keep you focused day in and day out, with increased motivation and self-confidence, as that is what it has done for us.

A planner that is created just for us as photographers.

Tip #2 Track your Progress

Keeping track of your progress gives you a greater sense of meaning and purpose and ensures you make progress every day.  In our weekly round up we look at number of :

Shoots completed

New Bookings

Sales Value

New contacts

New Enquiries

Did you move closer to your 90 day goals?

What do you need to prioritise next week to keep on track?

Tip #3 Know Your Numbers!

The foundations of any business are:





Your photography business is no different.  Make it a habit to review these key metrics every 90 days.

So if you want to –

  • Stick to your business plan and grow your business so you have new customers regularly booking shoots
  • Stay focused and avoid that feeling of entrepreneur overwhelm

We have got your back and our aim is to help you know exactly what you are doing next month to grow your business, and to help you feel calm and organised while growing it.

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