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Habits for success – is consistency the key?

Habits are not a finish line to be crossed, they’re a lifestyle to be lived.

We can often find it challenging to do the small things on a regular basis that will slowly but surely increase business.  But is consistency the key to success?

We believe it is.  

Based on positive psychology, transformation occurs from a series of small steps practised consistently every day.

The journey is as important as the result.  We need daily and weekly structure for our mental health, without it we start to feel demotivated, chaotic and like we are failing.  If you’re feeling unproductive, your daily system is there to get you back on track so you can focus and thrive. 

Our planner has been designed to create habits for success.  Here are the four things you need to do to make any habit you are striving for work for you:

Make it Easy

The first tip is to make it easy by removing any distractions. Create an environment where doing the tasks you  need to do is made as easy as possible. You want to make your good habits the path of least resistance.  Our planner does this by giving you weekly templates to guide you.   It can be as simple as having something on your desk in front of you every morning!

Make it Obvious

If habits are to become successful they need to be made obvious – you can do this by having a visual prompt or  cue.  We are more likely to notice the cues that obviously stand out so make it highly visible to draw your attention toward your desired habit.  In the planner we provide plenty of visual prompts for how to plan each week.

Make it Attractive

A further layer you can add to link habit building to a positive action is to make it attractive.  Our planner does this by looking beautiful and being a joy to write in, it’s full of motivational quotes to make you feel good.  For other habits you could try linking them with one of your favourite things at the same time – like walking with a good friend to get your steps in!

Make it Satisfying

Giving yourself a reward for completing a habit is our final tip for making habits stick.  This can be as simple as a visual tracker to see your progress which fuels your satisfaction as well as driving motivation to continue.  In the planner we have a page to record your big wins and review sections at the end of each week. Acknowledging success is satisfying! 

It can be tough to maintain motivation while you are waiting for long-term outcomes to arrive.   But by focusing on tracking your actions, then you’ll have immediate visual proof that you are showing up every day and working towards your goals.   

We love this quote  – 

“Habits are not a finish line to be crossed, they’re a lifestyle to be lived.”

James Clear | Atomic Habits

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