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How to MASTER your day!

Working on the right thing is more important than working hard if you want to master your day.

We get it, it can feel too rigid to be so structured. You are an entrepreneur because you want FREEDOM and creativity, you don’t want to answer to a SCHEDULE! <eye roll >

BUT whilst it may sound like a paradox that you will find more freedom in having a schedule, it turns out it is actually true.

Here’s why –

Reduces decision making

When you are in creative thinking mode your brain is at its best as a photography entrepreneur!  Filling your day with lots of choices to make will drain your creative energy. This is where a weekly planner becomes your best friend.  Knowing what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it, reduces the number of decisions you have to make on any day during the week.   

When you complete a task, you don’t have to spend time working out what you have to do next. Instead, you just look at your plan. 

Fewer decisions leads to increased productivity and creative output. 

Sharpens your focus

A system like ours empowers you to focus on what matters most.  If you know you plan to spend Monday morning following up on new business enquiries, then you can be totally present in that task at that moment and not worry about other tasks.  You can be  confident they are scheduled for another time.  This allows you to go deep into the task at hand and focus.

Reduces overwhelm

Have you ever written an all-encompassing  To-Do list and it is so long and overwhelming that you just feel like hiding under the duvet?!  We have been there too! Breaking your To-Do list into tasks and scheduling them according to priority helps you feel confident you can achieve them.  Your productivity will improve because you can concentrate in the security that you won’t forget anything. 

Increases creativity

It might sound like a contradiction but by giving yourself an allocated time in your day to deeply focus on a task does improve creativity.  Knowing you can play around with a new product idea, or try out some new presets you bought last month, or do some research on a business you want to approach for work, allows you to immerse yourself without feeling guilty or being distracted.  If you are currently struggling with managing everything and feeling stifled by your business then this one is a game changer! 


By organising your To-Do list  into designated types of task, you can ensure the things that matter most are prioritised. In the PHOX Planner we carve up our weekly To-Do list into Ready Steady Shoot (client related shoot work) Be Discoverable (business building activities), Routine Reality (business fundamentals which keep your business ticking over) and Odds & Ends (everything else in your life which might get forgotten when you’re overwhelmed!).  

This system works.  It helps you check through your To-Do list and feel on top of things.

If you would like to kickstart Quarter 3 with new confidence, increased productivity and motivation, then your Phox Planner has got the structure and tools to help you maximise your time and build habits for success.

We received this comment from someone like you who has just started using her planner – 

“The planner has been eye-opening in revealing my lack of structure and how this affects my work/life balance. Using your planning system has given me back my life!”

 THIS is how to master your day!

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