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How to sell your value!

A client’s budget and their perception of the value you offer has a huge impact on whether they book you – and can affect your relationship throughout the client journey. Follow these simple steps to make sure your customers feel confident they’re getting value for money from your photography service.

Quality is key!

Selling your quality and the dangers of ‘going cheap’ is so relevant in our market.  It’s not until after the wedding / family shoot / headshot is taken that the client can see the value in their choice.  Knowing your ideal client inside out requires you to know what problem you are solving, or what desire you are fulfilling, and when you can show this to your customer they will appreciate the value.  Build credibility and gain trust by showing images of previous happy customers and testimonials from happy clients who have already achieved what they want to achieve.

Be patient!

It can be tempting to offer a discount, but patiently and expertly convincing your client of the value you provide proves your offer is worth the price.   Offering a discount can project a lack of confidence in your value.  Hold firm on your pricing.  Having a marketing system that brings leads into the business regularly means you can stay firm on your prices and won’t feel so pressured to give discounts.

Know your competition

Compete on your unique value.   You are you and you are better than your competitor in your unique way. Customers may compare you to others, but you can ALWAYS find a unique value and point of differentiation so they value you more highly. People are willing to pay more than the competition if they think it’s better!  Find or create something unique about part of your offer.  Stand out!

Sell on value not price

“Can you offer a discount?” How often do you hear this seemingly inoffensive little question?

But if you offer a discount you are selling your services on price not value. You don’t want to sell on price – you want to sell on value! Your time and skill is valuable.  If you know your ideal client, and you know what they want, then your offer should be one of value.  If you make the key decision about price, you undermine the perceived value of your photography.

And by discounting for one client, you may miss the opportunity of booking a client who sees your value and is happy to pay full price – if you believe in yourself and your product you don’t need to justify your price!  Be true to the value you offer.  

We hope the tips above help you gain confidence in your value.  This will have a huge impact on your self belief, your client base and ultimately the success and profit of your business.

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