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Stay Motivated to Succeed

In Tim Ferriss’s book Tribe of Mentors, he compiles tools, tactics and habits used by 100 of the world’s most successful individuals – from entrepreneurs & artists like us, to elite athletes and billionaire investors.

These practical and tactical tips can help you stay motivated to succeed, and achieve exceptional results.

Tip #1 Learn from Others

There is always someone out there who has walked a similar path and followed a similar journey to the one you are on.  And for you – that is US!

We know how hard, frustrating and lonely it can be to build a successful photography business – we’ve both been there – in fact just 11 years ago when we met and took that giant leap.

Roll forward to 2022 and we have now both independently built our businesses and taken them to success. We know from our own experience how valuable the support from others in the industry is, having been there for each other along the journey. So now it’s time to share what we’ve learnt with you so you too can get there, and get there quicker!

We have created a system that works which we are ready to launch and share with you!

We have created the Phox Planner to keep you motivated on your journey of growth and success, as that is what it has done for us.

Tip #2 Don’t Give Up Too Quick

Always see failure as an opportunity for growth and development. The failures we experience in life lead us to a more successful future by motivating us to improve and find a better solution.

Stay open-minded and aware of potential opportunities. Good fortune is created by being flexible – sometimes by giving something up or changing direction makes it your own and drives your passion.

Tip #3 Learn to Say No!

The more successful and in demand you become, the more people will want your unique expertise and demand your attention.

Saying yes is easy, but saying no is hard.  We don’t like to disappoint people, but staying true to your niche and your ideal client (and your prices!) will keep you on track.

According to co-founder and former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, focus means saying No to the ideas that are available in order to focus on your key idea that is essential.

Saying yes out of obligation can deplete you and steal your motivation. Stay focused and learn to say NO!

Tip #4 Get disciplined

Leading a disciplined lifestyle is the way to improving productivity and efficiency in your business. A disciplined daily weekly and monthly plan will keep you motivated.

There are distractions all around us caused by  our phones, our work, our families, our household chores … but consciously cultivating a disciplined habit to plan your time on daily and weekly basis will keep you focused and on track. 

In the words of Jim Rohn

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”

So if you want to…

– Stick to your business plan and grow your business 

– Stay focused and avoid that feeling of entrepreneur overwhelm

…then we have got your back!

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