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Track your progress to know when “good enough” is enough…

As creatives we are usually perfectionists – we don’t want to release work into the world we are not happy with.  We strive to produce the best, continually tweaking and improving.  We are not known for creative compromise! So how do we know when “good enough” is enough?

There is that moment after a shoot when you are curating the final collection and immersed in post production, and we’ve all been there, you have to stop!  You have to just get it out there.

You have to know when ‘good enough’ is enough.  Running a creative business is hard work because we have to learn to balance our creativity with business efficiency.

So how do we reconcile the two?  The key is to track your progress and measure your results.  

There are some parts of our work that just aren’t measurable.  How a new mother reacts when she sees the photos of her newborn, the increased confidence someone gains from loving their new headshot for example.  But there are many results we can measure and our challenge is to align the standards we believe are ‘good enough’ with the right measurements, so that we stay on course for creating a successful business.

Campaign tracking

Did your campaign bring in new customers?  Whatever marketing methods you use – social media, exhibitions, networking, paid Ads – make sure you track the results!  You can then make more efficient decisions in the future about which methods are most successful for your business. 

Know your regular numbers

Tracking the number of enquiries, new bookings, new contacts made, completed shoots, and your total sales value each week and each month is a great way to keep track of your business progress.  You will start to build a picture of what inputs are required to ensure you reach the targets you have set yourself.


Tracking sales and expenses by your different client type, or by shoot type, gives you lots of data to analyse.  Having this information allows you to see where your time spent is rewarded with the most value. This can then be filtered into future planning  and helps you focus on spending time on the right activities.

Knowing what a good outcome looks like

We should strive to do our best, but knowing what a good outcome looks like for you should help you know when good enough is enough. Don’t wait until the end of the year to see if you did enough business, or wait until the end of the month to discover if you earnt enough money – checking in with the actions you can measure each week and each month keeps you on track.

Our planner will help you do all this consistently so it becomes second nature. Head over to the shop now and get yourself a copy so you too can create a system for success.

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